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A new service specifically designed for our senior executives Members, with the aim of providing you with network confidentially, exclusive access to our Conference and market insights.

Welcome to the FTTH Council Executive Club

This is the place where senior executives from our industry can gain market insights and network confidentially. Invitations to join the club are restricted to C-Level representatives from member companies of the FTTH Council Europe and extended to influential leaders (policy makers, regulators, operators, investors and independent experts). 

Membership of the Executive Club and participation to its activities cannot be transferred to another person within your organization, keeping the highest level of seniority among participants is essential to guarantee valuable exchanges between peers.   


What can you benefit from:


On-line meeting series

Register to our monthly on-line meetings to learn from FTTH subject matter experts and engage with other participants from the FTTx industry.

Each session has a maximum of 25 participants (including speakers and moderator) and we guarantee a balanced representation between solution vendors and other industry stakeholders (operators, investors, policy makers…)

Conference VIP status

By joining the FTTH Council Europe Executive Club, you will automatically benefit from the VIP status at the annual FTTH Conference - subject to holding a valid ticket for the event.

This includes:
1) Free access to the VIP Lounge 
2) Free invitation to various VIP activities during the live days of the event (subject to availability) 

Market Report & Studies

We select our most valuable publications and send them directly to your email address.
You do not have to register to our general distribution lists to receive all our communications, nor browse our website to download these assets.  
We will aggregate the content for you. 

Are you joining us?

Register to our next on-line meetings to take part in the initiative, or contact us at executive.club@ftthcouncil.eu for: 

  • Updating your contact details 
  • Recommending potential fellow members
  • Asking any question about the Executive Club benefits and activities 
  • Suggesting new subjects for the On-line meeting series 

Register to our next meetings


The program below is intended for test only - the meetings' titles, dates and guests may change.
FTTH Market consolidation

FTTH Market consolidation

Altnets have mushroomed in several markets and some consider we will inevitably go through a period of consolidation when FTTH coverage reaches maturity. What level of consolidation should we expect? What does it mean for the ecosystem? 

By Jacob Bluestone, Telecom Analyst at Credit Suisse.
Guests: Inka Klinger, Head of Infrastructure at HCOB and Greg Mesch, CEO at City Fibre 

The challenges of rural networks

The challenges of rural networks

By Alexandra Reich, Chairwoman of Speed Connect Austria and Stefano Fogli, Chair of the Market Intelligence Committee.

Half of our fibre engineers are women

Half of our fibre engineers are women

By Veronica Thunholm, CEO of Stokab AB.

General conditions
for the on-line
meetings series

  • Browse and select the meeting of your interest. You will then be prompted to a landing page where to complete your registration

  • All registrations are double-checked by the FTTH Counci Europe management team to ensure exclusiveness, balanced representation between stakeholders and the highest level of seniority

  • Upon validation from the management team, you will receive an email confirmation with details and link to access the platform and join the meeting at the scheduled date and time

  • We welcome up to 25 registrations per session, in order to facilitate and optimize participation and interaction between attendees

  • In order to keep an appropriate balance between participant’s profile, we limit to 10 the number of participants representing vendor companies

  • At this stage, each member of the Executive Club can attend a maximum of one session every 6 months. Depending on the demand, we may adjust this rule

  • Sessions are not recorded

  • Confidentiality is a pre-requisite for these meetings and the content of discussions and list of participants must not be disclosed

  • Participants are requested to identify themselves with Name and Company and share video to facilitate interactions

  • Chat function is at your disposal to share comments and network (private messages possible) 

  • In addition to the Opening Presentation by the guest speaker, we welcome up to 3 x five minute statements from registered participants. Contributors should signal their interest in participating to executive.club@ftthcouncil.eu no later than two weeks prior to the event

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