Vitrifi is empowering telcos in their digital evolution, as their strategic partner for network transformation towards a data-driven digital-first future. Founded in January 2021, owned by Fern Trading, a £3 billion fund, managed by Octopus Investments – Vitrifi is an autonomic networking company with deep tech DNA across its global development teams. Established to disrupt the global telco BSS and OSS sectors with machine learning and AI-powered data insights, we were created to operate wholesale open access and multi-tenancy, enabling both buyside and sellside product catalogues simultaneously. We are building a new operating system to propagate a new telco ecosystem that provides the operating environment for participants to sell freely, service efficiently and co-evolve cooperatively, and ultimately deliver on-demand personalised experiences to the end-user. Our incredible team of developers, software and network architects and engineers, have created a TSA-compliant, machine learning AI-powered autonomic platform that re-expresses traditional BSS and OSS as code - thus enabling our unified platform to be delivered as a cloud-native microservice. This means that asset owners and telcos can exceptionally manage multi-vendor open access networks, driving improved customer penetration and experiences, and market economics for both buyside ((ISPs/Retailers) and sellside (network providers/operators) customers.