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Conditions to become a member

We welcome any organisation that is involved in the development, production, deployment, service, maintenance or analysis of FTTH networks or FTTH network components

We welcome any company, business entity, non-profit organisation, academic institution, vendor, operator, investor, consultant or academics


To apply for FTTH Council Europe membership, your company

  • must have a legal European entity (i.e. European registered office)
  • have at least one full time employee involved in FTTH related business from that European registered office
  • must adhere to the objectives and principles of Article 3 of the FTTH Council Europe statutes (please contact us for a copy of the statutes).

How does it work?

Application Process

  • Complete application form

  • Submit application form to Secretary/Membership Officer

  • Executive Board validates applications

  • Applicant is notified of decision

  • Process is complete once Membership fees are paid

Membership Fees


  • Standard : €6.624,50

  • Reduced fee : €663.50 (for academics)


Member Benefits

  • Networking
    • Access to a detailed database of senior-level member delegates 
  • Market intelligence & technology insights
    • Fibre industry news, free library of studies, reports and guides
  • Committees & working groups
    • Active or passive involvement to influence the activities of the Council
  • Brand visibility & demostration of expertise
    • Organise your webinar, deliver your advertorial, get exposure from our monthly newsletters
    • Exhibit at the annual FTTH Conference


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