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The Investors committee is ambitious to become a knowledgeable, reliable and service-oriented source of expertise and opinion for all financial stakeholders, operators and entrepreneurs in fibre projects across Europe. It seeks to establish fixed telco infrastructure as an investible asset class for any connectivity (all types of premises, plus mobile and IoT backhaul).

The primary objective of this committee is to educate and inform investors about full-fibre telco infrastructures and help them make optimal investment decisions. We will provide insights on access to capital, details of real-world proven fibre business models where private financing is active and rewarded, plus report the impact of State Aid. This committee  leverages the expertise of the Council’s other committees.

Its second goal is to educate and inform operators and entrepreneurs about the expectations of investors: The different types of investors that exist and their expectations plus how to present a telco infrastructure business case and how to create business opportunities.

Finally, the committee seeks to promote networking and matchmaking between investors, operators and entrepreneurs.

Several are the assets produced by the working group. Together with Macquarie, the investors committee has recently put together and launched this first-of-its-kind overview of fibre financing transactions in selected European countries. This includes current trends, risk factors that are currently in focus, and country-specific lists of transactions we have seen in the market

Previously, the committee had produced the Guide to Successful Fibre Business Models Involving and Rewarding Private Financing, presenting the in-depth study of 8 business models for rolling out Fibre-to-the-Home and Fibre-to-the-Office networks. The full guide is available for every member of the FTTH Council Europe, while sold to non-members at a price of €287 inc. VAT* una tantum. The study has been presented on 29 June 2021 through a live webinar session.


*This price includes 21% VAT applicable in Belgium. If you are purchasing on behalf of a company based outside of Belgium you will not be required to pay VAT. For all UK and EC Member state registered companies please have your VAT number to include when purchasing

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