in-home Broadband Excellence Committee


This new committee’s objective is to help Communication Service Providers avoid churn & create revenue opportunities through the provision of enhanced user experience.

While more and more households have access to full-fibre network, it becomes crucial to avoid home connectivity becoming a bottle neck and that the new gigabit services can efficiently reach end user devices without degradation of speed or performance.

The In-Home Broadband Excellence committee addresses the following questions:

  • how to provide, manage and monitor ‘Quality of Experience’ for the end-user
  • how to monetise value-added services and reduce costs
  • how to leverage standards and provide pointers to industry fora

You can expect multiple initiatives from this dynamic group, such as a new Handbook documenting strategies, solutions and technologies, workshops at our next Conferences, webinars and other communications.

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In-Home Broadband Excellence Guide
Apr 18, 2023

In-Home Broadband Excellence Guide

Report & Studies (public) | In-Home Broadband Excellence