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A diverse workplace, which ensures equal opportunities for everyone, enhances the overall success of a company. With this in mind, the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee seeks to foster a diverse, inclusive, and equal workforce in order to contribute to the success of the telecoms industry. The Committee believes it is our responsibility to attract, develop and retain the most exceptional professionals in the fibre industry by educating and challenging perceptions, leveraging progressive leaders, and sharing best practices.

The committee promotes gender, ethnic, ability & generational diversity, and inclusion by the dissemination of best practices within the industry as a sustainable asset for the future, and by embracing equality and encouraging progress in the industry. Additionally, it actively supports equality and fosters advancement in the industry. The ambition of the committee is to provide a network for professionals of all roles and levels within our industry to access networking and development opportunities, while celebrating successes at an individual and corporate level.

The committee plans to run workshops, surveys, and outreach activities to advocate for best practices in the arena of talent development and recruitment. Moreover, it will qualify the landscape of women in fibre in Europe and seek to demonstrate the link between a diverse workplace and business success. The DE&I Committee will also take action on facilitating new and unique opportunities for networking to empower women in establishing connections and interactions with their peers, both male and female.

The DE&I committee welcomes all members to join us in the common purpose of diversity, equity, and inclusion for all in our industry. Please contact the FTTH Council Europe to propose a delegate for the committee. In order to empower the aim of the DE&I Committee, we require the collaboration of a diverse range of members. So, in our committee, we invite everyone to actively contribute towards advancing our aim of cultivating a diverse and equitable fibre industry. Click here and join us!

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Webinar -
Dec 15, 2021

Webinar - "Women in Fibre - Gender Diversity Survey: the results are in"

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Gender Diversity Survey - Abstract
Nov 30, 2021

Gender Diversity Survey - Abstract

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