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The FTTH Council Europe is a not-for-profit association, registered in Belgium. It is led by nine Board of Directors which are elected by the General Assembly. Reporting to the Board, the Management Team runs the operational activities of the Council. 

General Assembly

The General Assembly is made up of representatives from all member companies. Each representative has equal voting rights. The General Assemblies convenes twice a year and takes the most important decisions concerning the Council, including the election of board members and the vote of the annual budget.

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Executive Board

The Executive Board defines the strategy for the Council and takes operational and financial decisions for the association. The Board comprises 9 members elected for two-year terms at the Spring General Assembly by the principal representatives of member companies. Each year, the Board elects a President and Treasurer. The Executive Board convenes at least 4 times a year (more frequently in practice). It selects and supervises the activity of the Director General and management team.

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Management Team

Under the leadership of the Director General, the management team runs the FTTH Council daily activities.  It is in charge of the organisation of our events, Public Affairs and communication activities, it coordinates the work of the Committees and supports members in their relationship with the Council. The management team works out of Brussels and is composed of professional from various European nationalities.

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Statutes and bylaws

Available on request, our statutes and bylaws define precisely our processes. Among other things, they  demonstrate we are treating each member on equal terms.

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