Provision of Telecommunications Services

NEXERA is Poland’s first exclusively wholesale telecommunications operator developing a large-scale fibre-optic access network (NGA) of high throughput (min. 100 Mb/s). The shareholders of NEXERA are companies with long-standing experience in the global telecommunications market: Infracapital and Nokia. The company is building an optical fibre network in 20 areas of central and north-eastern Poland on the basis of the Digital Poland Operational Programme (POPC). The program aims to eliminate those places in the country that do not have access to very fast Internet and to counteract the digital exclusion of EU citizens. Ultimately, thanks to the POPC funding and the implementation of its own projects, NEXERA's cutting-edge fibre-optic network will cover 1 million households and almost 3 thousand schools and educational units. 

As a telecommunication operator, the company influences the everyday lives of others. Thanks to NEXERA's infrastructure, inhabitants of four Polish Regions: Łódzki, Świętokrzyski, Kujawy, Pomorze & Mazowsze and Warmia & Mazury can access the potential of the digital world every day, opening new opportunities for them to live, work and do business more comfortably. The activities focused around NEXERA Regions are based on mutual dialogue and strong involvement in the everyday life of the inhabitants. The relationship is based on mutual respect and good cooperation and the operator's initiatives respond to the needs of local communities. 

The company won the title of “Innovator of the Year” in the Golden Antennas competition, organized as part of the 18th Symposium of the World Telecommunications and Infrastructure. It also received an award for the Best Implementation of the Cloud Service in the Best in Cloud 2019 competition, which is organized by the editors of Computerworld Polska. Additionally, the API launched by NEXERA is the first such interoperator communication in Poland, fully meeting the requirements of the Office of Electronic Communication and the international standards of TM Forum and MEF. The pioneering solution set a benchmark for the market and have been recognized by the industry, as demonstrated by, among others, in the prestigious Global Carrier Awards.