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Did you know, that DKT is the market leader in the delivery of Gateways to connect rural Britain?


We have specialized in the development, production and distribution of interoperable, resilient and reliable FTTH ONTs/Gateways, Active Ethernet/GPON/XGSPON and access equipment. By combining a first-mover mentality with extensive experience, DKT has developed a mindset for problem-solving and has created game-changing products. We create products that help operators increase living standards via improved Broadband performance. DKT started developing Fibre Optics in 1999, developing gateways with a neutral design, high product durability, and increased service flexibility for the operators. The entire DKT product range is made as “layer 2”, for a 2-box structure with separate 3rd party routers.


Talk to us about our latest developments, such as our "Extallation" concept, which reduces the time spent inside your customer's home performing an FTU installation up to zero, and our sophisticated service assurance (e. g. centralized PON testing and battery backup), to increase the intelligence of your network and its installation!


DKT is originally Danish but since 2019 represented by a UK subsidiary – DKT is also part of the international BTV Multimedia Group to present a strong portfolio of products and services for FTTx and coaxial networks.