Swiss Fibre Net AG

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Swiss Fibre Net AG – a strong partner for energy providers, cable net-work operators and telecommunication providers with fixed-line and mobile networks

Swiss Fibre Net is a joint venture of local and regional energy providers in Switzerland.

As an expert partner, it combines fragmented, local fibre-optic infrastructures to form a homogeneous, standardised, modern, nationwide and freely accessible Swiss fibre-optic net-work.

Based on this, Swiss Fibre Net offers high-quality, future-oriented transport services (‘layer 1 services’) to licensed telecommunication providers that operate nationally.

Today, Swiss Fibre Net is a leading national FTTH infrastructure company and ensures a competitive environment in the Swiss telecommunication market. It standardises and simpli-fies processes and interfaces for its network partners and telecommunication providers and also creates synergies with regard to technical operations and national marketing activities.