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Genexis designs, develops, and delivers end-to-end fiber to the home solutions for service providers, operators and installers. We are a leading European supplier of CPE products and solutions for the fiber-connected home.

At Genexis we believe that people deserve fiber, but what do we mean when we say that? Everyone deserves to be connected to fiber broadband at their home to get access to the best quality internet. We want to enable people to fully participate in the rising digital era where online services and applications have become essential.

Connecting everyone to fiber can only be realized by working together with partners that share this vision and strive to make it come true. With our fiber modems and routers, we enable operators and providers to connect consumers to fiber Internet in a reliable and secure way. People deserve fiber is not just about fiber, it represents limitless communication and full transparency!

By closely working together with our customers we want to innovate and revolutionize how fiber broadband can be realized in the home. By making it easy for service providers, installers and end-users, we enable fast and friendly fiber connectivity with the lowest cost of ownership and complete interoperability for every scenario.

We develop products and end-to-end solutions that match the needs of broadband service providers, operators and installers, and are designed to make end-users happy.

We deliver a complete portfolio of products for fiber broadband in the home, including DIY fiber terminators, optical network units, full service network devices, and WiFi enabled residential gateways and access points. All these products are manageable, support industry standards and are designed for sustainability.

Genexis is part of Inteno Group AB, and has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Finland, Denmark, and Belgium. Genexis Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and Eindhoven, The Netherlands.