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TCS is a world leading IT services company with significant focus on the Communications, Media and Information segment. (www.tcs.com)

We are seeing the telecommunication industry is evolving at a breakneck speed with the advent of 5G, Next Generation Access (NGA) technologies, and rising demand for fiber-based networks. However, Operator’s network rollout plans often face challenges with inaccuracy, non-constructible designs, and poor program governance.​

TCS Network Plan & Design Services offer end-to-end orchestration framework for network planning and designing across multiple technologies (RAN, Edge Network, GPON-FTTC/FTTN/FTTP), which brings the power of automation to achieve scalability, speed, and faster monetization in network rollouts.​

Leveraging our end-to-end digitized, automated, design led and outcome-based approach, telecom enterprises have achieved up to 30% cost reduction, 2X faster design delivery speed and 99% right first time (RFT) designs and rich customer experience through 360o governance.​

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To know more: https://www.tcs.com/tcs-fiber-rollout-as-a-service-fraas-platform