Network Installation & Maintenance | Provision of Telecommunications Services

EWE TEL GmbH is a provider of telecommunications services in the Northwest of Germany. The area in which EWE TEL is active covers about 10% of the German territory, but holds only 5% of the German population. In this area, which reaches roughly from Westphalia to the outskirts of Hamburg, EWE TEL serves about 700.000 retail customers. Beside telephony and internet access services, EWE also provides customized communications solutions to business customers as well as wholesale services to other carriers. The core of EWE TEL's business activities is to provide customers with FTTH connections, which are built and maintained by other companies within EWE Group, but operated by EWE TEL. EWE Group's main activity is the operation of energy distribution networks. EWE Group is majority owned by 21 German municipalities and districts (74%), while a minority share (26%) is owned by a strategic growth partner.