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DZS is a global leader in optical and packet-based mobile transport, broadband connectivity, and software defined networking solutions. With 20+ million products in-service and customers and alliance partners spanning more than 100 countries, DZS is helping many of the world’s most advanced and innovative service providers and enterprises leverage the power of 5G, 10gig fixed broadband, and software-defined networks to deliver cutting-edge services and lead in their markets.  A pioneer in disaggregated platforms, SDN, and virtualization, DZS provides service providers with the innovation that leads to future-proof networks and outstanding performance. We arm our customers with the agility, network resources and deployment freedom they need to lead deliver an unrivaled communications experience. We take pride in our role as a global leader in offering innovative hyper-broadband solutions across fiber, copper, Wi-Fi, and mobile networks on highly reliable platforms that deliver a sensational end-user experience today and into the future.