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TKF Telecom

Since its founding in 1930, TKF has developed from a cable manufacturer to a technologically leading supplier of connectivity solutions. With a broad portfolio of cables, systems and services, we offer customers worldwide solutions for creating safe and reliable energy and data connections.

TKF is part of the technology company TKH Group NV. Through a focused commitment in the Building, Industrial and Telecom market segments we distinguish ourselves through our specialised knowledge of applications and solutions with a high degree of reliability, quality and service. Technical expertise and flexibility lead to a higher return on investment for our customers.

At TKF Telecom we know all about every aspect of connectivity, from network design to cable connections. And we work closely with our customers to create the right solution for every situation.

We do this through our brands ACE and ACE+, a way of working that looks at the bigger picture and gives you flexible, compatible solutions, that make your connections efficient, reliable and affordable