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By fibre blowers. For fibre blowers 

Just to give you a small update about Jetting's history, I can inform you that in 2008,  we started developing fiber blowing machines. Working as an integrator/ installer and tested machines that were already on the market, but we were not impressed. Most machines came with too many small loose parts etc. Most machines seemed to originate on a desk somewhere, they were not built for the reality  all cable blowers must face, like rain, snow, dirt and mud.   

Now JETTING AB with great success have built a strong program covering all fiber / cable and duct dimension and among the customers you find companies and installers responsible for 

major networks in Europe like Skanova, Eltel, IP-Only, Netel , Transtema and TDC . 

Our fiber blowing machines have been developed from a field perspective, we have focused on usability. They are constructed to work without problems out in the field. 

We who work with development, construction, assembly, support, and training at Jetting, all have many years of experience from the fiber optic industry, and we have all been involved in excavated, plowed, blown and splicing fiber cable. We know what applies! 

Our production is highly automated with HAAS CNC machines and effective robot installations, securing high quality, short delivery time and competitive price.  

Spare parts, maintenance, support and training are available in Tidaholm, Sweden or thru our local partners. All spare parts are in stock for delivery within 24 hours. 

See our machines and find your local Jetting partner on www. 

Med venlig hilsen / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With best regards/ Cordialement 

Kim Hermann Kallestrup