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FTTH/B in Rural Areas

For the first time, the FTTH Council Europe launched on September 15 the first official report about full-fibre in rural Europe, which provides a general overview of the goals, actions and results of FTTH deployments in rural areas in a selection of 10 EU countries1. While more than two-third of rural households currently have an NGA2 access; FTTH/B coverage is still lagging behind in non-dense areas with only 22% households covered, compared to 45% for all territories in EU27+UK.

FTTH/B is progressively deployed, but at a very different pace amongst the countries under study. While Spain is championing the ranking with 60,5% rural FTTH/B coverage in 2020, Germany has still a long way to go with only 9,8% covered.

1) France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

2) Next Generation Access includes the following technologies: FTTH, FTTB, Cable Docsis 3.0, VDSL and other superfast broadband (at least 30 Mbps download)