The FTTH Council Europe has been monitoring annually the evolution of full-fibre deployment throughout Europe since 2012. This essential work has been driven by the Market Intelligence Committee which publishes our flagship report FTTH/B Market Panorama, complete with FTTH Forecasts for Europe. The survey is commissioned through an external partner and the role of the Committee is to complete and refine these data based on the comprehensive input coming from the network of experts from our 150 members active in all European countries.

FTTH members have access to a more detailed version of the report with granular information regarding the individual FTTH markets in each of the 39 countries surveyed.

Two more reports have been produced under initiative of the Market Intelligence Committee, and launched during the last FTTH Virtual Conference 2021: the latest figures of the FTTH Forecasts for 2021 and 2026 and an overview of fibre deployments in rural areas.

The Market Intelligence Committee is also involved in other studies such as Copper Switch Off, Best Practices in Fibre advertising and the Socio Economic Impact of FTTH.


FTTH/B Global Ranking 2023

The data from September 2022 show that 22 countries have achieved penetration rates higher than 50%. The UAE leads the ranking with 98,1%, while Qatar rapidly caught up reaching the second position at 97,8% (vs 84% from the previous year). Singapore (96,5%), Hong Kong (91,6%), and China (89,4%) complete the top 5 positions.

In the European region, for the fourth consecutive year in a row, Iceland tops the European FTTH/B penetration ranking with a 76,8% penetration rate. It is followed by Spain (73,5%) and Portugal (71,1%). 7 countries passed the 50% penetration rate mark (Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Romania, France).