FTTH Adoption Drivers and Hurdles in Europe

The FTTH Council Europe is pleased to bring to you this first-of-its-kind study by Plum Consulting on FTTH adoption drivers and hurdles in Europe.

While we are pleased to see that the FTTH rollout coverage in Europe amounts to 57% and is progressing steadily, the take-up rate is yet to reach the 50% mark, with significant differences at country level. This is where the study comes in as a clarion call on what needs to be done to increase the take-up.  By carrying out a thorough analysis of the FTTH Council Europe data and doing a deep dive into 8 selected countries, Plum Consulting team has developed a series of recommendations of measures that both policymakers and industry executives will find useful when considering how to increase the FTTH adoption.

For the FTTH Council Europe this is only the first step in what we see as our industry’s next big challenge. We want to ensure that there is wide awareness about the results of this study, which would pave way for future actions aimed at increasing the FTTH take-up. In our view, high rate of FTTH adoption is key to ensure that our fellow citizens and businesses fully reap the benefits of full fibre connectivity.


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