FTTH Council Europe unveils new market reports and updated industry assets at the FTTH Conference 2023

Madrid, 19 April 2023 – As part of the programme of the FTTH Conference 2023 in Madrid, the FTTH Council Europe revealed today several market reports outlining the latest figures on fibre deployment trends in Europe: the FTTH/B Market Panorama 2023, the FTTH/B Global Ranking 2023, the FTTH/B Forecasts for 2023-2028, and the updated report on FTTH/B in Rural Areas, prepared by IDATE. All reports are based on the latest available data from September 2022. The reports confirm the positive trend of fibre rollouts across Europe, with full-fibre connectivity being a clear priority for EU authorities, national governments, and market players across Europe. 

In addition to the above-mentioned market reports, the FTTH Council Europe officially launched its new FTTH/B Investments Tracker report, an initiative of the Investors Committee powered by Macquarie Group Limited, and revamped editions of the industry-known FTTH Handbook and In-Home Broadband Excellence Guide. 

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