FTTH Handbook 2021 - Edition 9

Acquire the knowledge to allow you understand all the key issues involved in enhanced fibre deployment and deliver state-of-the-art FTTH networks thanks to this exclusive resource.

Ready to scale up your fibre networks?

The FTTH Handbook, first published in 2007, is a resource for the fibre community. It acts as a forum for sharing experiences and approaches, supporting those who aim to drive pure fibre networks across Europe. The FTTH Handbook covers every aspect of the network.

This enriched edition provides up-to-date knowledge about fibre technology and features a number of significant changes from previous editions, with an entirely new section on digital tools that enhance all phases, from planning to maintenance. The structure of the Handbook has been changed to reflect the 3 fundamental phases of all FTTH network projects: it includes the latest innovations, trends and solutions to Plan, Build and Operate highly efficient, future-proof, automated fibre networks. There is also a new focus and additional content regarding the use of digital information and IT throughout the network lifecycle.


Best practices from best players



Education is a key part of the work of the FTTH Council Europe, which represents a wide range of stakeholders involved in these three phases. The experience of the FTTH Council Europe’s members ensures it delivers vendor-neutral information based on best practices and real-world lessons from the industry. Not less than 40 experts from 20 member companies were involved in this project, and shared insights about FTTH technologies, designs and operational tactics, with for the first time telecom operators participating.

Make sure not to miss this state-of-the-art resource, prerogative for any FTTH stakeholder willing to make well-informed decisions while Planning, Building and Operating highly efficient, future-proof, automated fibre networks.



The Handbook, together with many other valuable assets for the fibre community, is made freely available for members of the FTTH Council Europe, as part of their membership agreement. If you're company is a member of ours, you can request your access as a delegate and log in into the member area of our website to access the asset.


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FTTH Council Europe's Deployment & Operations Committee brings together fibre technology experts to share knowledge and support the FTTH eco-system. These specialists cover the FTTH value chain from end to end: Network design, passive and active fibre connectivity equipment, installation machines and services, maintenance, technical training, network management.