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Webinar - “Deploying fibre: Eight successful business models in Europe and how to finance them”

The FTTH Council Europe has released on 29 June 2021 its state-of-the-art report on 8 successful business models for rolling out end-to-end fibre networks describing:

- Key financial de-risking features which enable private financiers to commit large sums to achieve wide geographic expansion and commercial success
- European players and private financiers matching such business models and how they evolve over time with market development.

This report will be of particular interest to investors, network operators and service providers. 

The 70-page complete Guide is available separately from the FTTH Council Europe. It is made freely available to all members of FTTH Council Europe and it is sold digitally to non-members at a price of €950 + VAT (if applicable) ​una tantum. A White Paper has also been realised as an abstract version of the full Guide, and is available for free download to all non-members of FTTH Council here.