FTTH/B in Rural Areas 2024

On the occasion of the FTTH Conference 2024, the Market Intelligence Committee of the FTTH Council Europe presented the 2024 update to its FTTH/B in Rural Areas report, introducing the latest insights in terms of FTTH/B coverage in rural Europe, and the main strategies implemented by National government to speed up rural FTTH/B deployment.

The report shows that by September 2023, approximately 64% of European households (EU27+UK) are covered by FTTH/B networks, with 48% of rural inhabitants now enjoying the capabilities offered by full-fibre connectivity, marking an increase of 7 percentage points year-on-year. An increasing number of countries have launched projects to address underserved areas, particularly rural regions, where reliable networks are essential. Authorities and regulators are defining ambitious national programs to achieve Digital Agenda goals for 2025/2030.

The report emphasizes that the coverage of rural areas in EU27+UK is growing steadily, despite at a very different pace among European countries. The five countries with the highest Rural FTTH/B coverage are Romania (92%), Denmark (90%), The Netherlands (83%), Latvia (83%), and Spain (79%).

The entire ecosystem has heightened its focus on achieving full-fibre connectivity, speeding up both deployments and adoption rates. In European countries with a technology-neutral approach, FTTH/B deployment is advancing, although VDSL technologies continue to play a significant role, as seen in the UK, Germany, and Italy.


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