The role of IT in accelerating FTTH Deployments and Operations

To meet current user demand, enable business plans, and reach EU digital goals, the number of activated connections must be maximised. Furthermore, network uptime must be maximised, more and faster connections and flexible configuration options are needed, and stakeholders require regular insights related to planning and budgets. IT, in particular design automation and remote testing, can be a large part of the solution. However, this requires making the best possible use of data and software processes.

Implementing a comprehensive IT strategy covering the full Plan, Design, Build and Operate lifecycle chain offers clear benefits and enhanced efficiency. This whitepaper examines the pain points related to each of these four phases, and reasons why they are difficult to fix. Next, we look at the requirements for these four stages and zoom in on design automation and remote testing.

Finally, the benefits of IT-based optimisation per phase are explained.


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