In-Home Broadband Excellence Guide

Everyone knows that broadband access is absolutely essential in today's changed world, and fibre deployment plays a key role in this. However, fibre by itself is not sufficient. We should look further into the home, so that the amazing opportunities offered by fibre deployment can actually be realised, and end-users finally get the experience they deserve.

This Guide was written to help Communication Service Providers understand the topic of ‘In-home Broadband Excellence’, and determine the right path forward for their organisation. It raises three questions, each building upon the previous, which need to be answered in turn in order to get to an optimised solution:

· How to extend fibre performance to the end device?

· How to manage the user experience?

· How to add value and monetise it?

In this second edition, we have clarified the cloud-centric and hybrid approaches to in-home management, added thoughts on how smaller and larger ISPs can best approach in-home management and monetisation differently, talked more about the important ongoing 6 GHz spectrum debate and implications for Wi-Fi. We also emphasised the transition from ‘speed’ to ‘experience’ and provided a section on the topic of sustainability that is rapidly becoming critical to our industry.


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