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FTTH/B Global Ranking 2022

The data from 2021 September show that 20 countries have achieved penetration rate higher than 50%. The global top 5 ranking is led by UAE with 97%, followed by Singapore (95.8%), China (94.9%), South Korea (91.1%) and Hong Kong (86.2%).

In European region, for the third consecutive year in a row, Iceland tops the European FTTH/B penetration ranking with a 78.4% penetration rate. It is followed by Spain (68.4%) and the third spot on the podium of fibre leaders is taken by Sweden (64.4%). 7 countries passed the 50% penetration rate mark (Iceland, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Norway, Romania, Latvia). Overall, it can be observed that Eastern European and Nordic countries are showing relatively higher penetration rates, mainly due to a proactive state intervention favouring fibre expansion.


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