FTTH Market Forecasts 2022-2027

The market forecasts are consistent with the previous estimates and foresee around 199 M homes passed for FTTH/B in 2027 in EU27+UK and 309 M homes passed in EU39 region. It is expected that the top 3 countries in terms of homes passed will be France (31.1 M), United Kingdom (30.1 M) and Germany (26.9 M). This forecast exercise highlights the ongoing digital transformation of European countries, and FTTH is playing a major role in this digital inclusion.

According to the forecasts, the number of subscribers is expected to reach 124 M in EU27+UK and 190 M in EU39 region.

The take-up rate will experience steady growth in both regions, with number of subscribers against homes passed expected to reach 62.2% in EU27+UK and 61.4% in EU 39.


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