Gimme fibre day 2021

Join the initiative and spread the word on the importance of full fibre connectivity for our everyday life. Learn how you can contribute in making Gimme Fibre Day a success!

What is Gimme Fibre Day?

4 November is the birthdate of Nobel Prize winner Sir Charles Kuen Kao, who was awarded in 2009 the Nobel Prize in Physics for "ground-breaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibres for optical communication". 

For this reason, every year on 4 November, people all over the world celebrate and showcase Fibre to the Home. Why? Simply because FTTH is the only future-proof broadband access solution and it positively impacts individuals and their communities! Here is why Gimme Fibre Day is YOUR day! Why don’t you get on board, spread the word and make this day a success?

How to celebrate?



Every year, we collect all initiatives, events and promotional activities from our Members and Partners, which we report on our social media channels during the entire the day of the celebration. 

This year, we have also developed a promotional kit to help our Members and Partners promote their participation in the initiative on their social media, website and newsletters.

2021 activities from our Members & Partners


To celebrate Gimme Fibre Day, Outvise held the webinar session “Germany's #fibre mission: outlook to 2022 and beyond” on 4 November 2021 at 5 pm CET


To spread the word about the importance of full-fibre connectivity for our everyday life, Fremco planned a week-long communication campaign on their social media channels.


As part of their initiatives to celebrate Gimme Fibre Day, Dura-Line shared some personal stories from a few Dura-Line team members about how they stayed connected during the pandemic. The importance of connections – both digital and personal – has never been as vital as during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Breko designed a dedicated promotional banner, helping them to raise awareness on social media about the importance of full-fibre connectivity as the only future-proof broadband access solution which positively impacts individuals and their communities.

The impact
his vision

"Thank you for so honouring Professor Kao on his birthday! Back in the early days, when he announced that optic fibre would change the world, I laughed at him and joked about a Nobel Prize! Decades later, we live in a high-tech world so full of creativity, where products improve so fast that items become obsolete overnight. We are finally able to fully appreciate the impact of his vision. He would be very touched if he understood the event, but he has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease for the last 11 years. On his behalf, I wish you a successful Gimme Fibre Day!"

Mrs. Gwen Kao
Professor Charles Kao's wife