[WEBINAR] The future of work

What should we expect after the pandemic?

What you will learn during this webinar

Since the onset of the pandemic operator companies have seen a significant increase in FTTH demand as companies shifted strategy and a new remote work-force was introduced and we entered the “new normal” working from home.

It’s been more than a year since the world first entered into lock-down which forced companies into this type of remote work, and many questions remain particularly where future demand will come from. In order to answer this, the Fiber Broadband Association (FBA) and the Fiber Council Global Alliance (FCGA) conducted a global survey to better understand how companies implemented remote work and how they see their future work-force operate. The FBA and the FCGA are proud to share their findings during this 60 minute webinar session

The webinar will focus on the businesses experience after the shift to a remote workforce was brought on by the pandemic, and how these experiences differ at the regional level. Further we will explore whether companies are preparing to remain in remote work mode, or if we can expect a mass return to the office once it is safe to do so.

Panelists will be:

  • Juanita Clark – CEO, Digital Council Africa - FCGA Chair
  • Gary Bolton – President & CEO, Fiber Broadband Association – North America
  • Nelson Hiroshi Saito - President, Fiber Broadband Association – LATAM Chapter
  • Kholoud Al Dorgham – Director General, Fiber Connect Council MENA
  • Vincent Garnier – Director General, FTTH Council Europe
  • Rusafie Alam - Manager, FTTH Council Asia Pacific


The webinar will be held in two different time slots to allow participation from every region:

Session one, EMEA/APAC time zone
July 13, 10:00 AM CEST
London 9 AM, Brussels 10 AM, Dubai 12 PM,
New Delhi 1:30 PM, Singapore 4 PM


Session two, Americas time zone
July 13, 10:00 AM EDT
Los Angeles 7 AM, Salt Lake City 8 AM, Chicago 9 AM,
New York 10 AM, Rio de Janeiro 11 AM



The main takeaways you will discover during the webinar include:

  • Prior to the pandemic, over 50% of respondents did not have a work from home policy, post pandemic almost 80% do
  • Almost 52% of respondents indicated bandwidth (download/upload) and internet connectivity were among the top challenges they faced while working from home
  • Almost 83% of respondents have not relocated after becoming a remote worker

As a matter of fact, while most businesses are still not prepared for a near 100% remote workforce, the pandemic accelerated a few initiatives including:

  • Developing a Work from Home Policy
  • Infrastructure and technology investments or subsidies to mitigate technological challenges and support remote workforces
  • Evaluating measurement of remote employee productivity

Do not miss this chance to learn what is most likely to happen in the closest future of our jobs, and how broadband technologies can help us set higher standards of productivity.