Keynote speech at Network X in Paris

Event: Keynote speech at Network X in Paris - Broadband World
Speaker: Vincent Garnier - Director General 
Date: 9 October, 2024
Location: Paris, France
Organiser: Informa Tech

Incorporating Broadband World Forum and 5G World, Network X 2024 will investigate the telco issues that are hitting the headlines hardest in 2024. Providing a global meeting point for the most prominent players in telecoms. Network X will be examining topics such as next-gen PON, Open, AI & Cloud RAN, 6G, satellite, infrastructure convergence, 5GCore, FWA, Wi-Fi and telco M&As.
Our Director General, Vincent Garnier, as part of the panel titled "Status of FTTH Rollout Globally", will deliver a keynote speech focusing FTTH deployment and its rapid global expansion, propelled by escalating demand for high-speed connectivity. Additionally, Vincent will present the most up-to-date information on the coverage and adoption of FTTH/B in Europe, using statistics from our recent edition of the Market Panorama. He will also discuss how various operators deal with labour shortages and what are the solutions that have been used to facilitate efficient rollouts and maintenance.

Join us in Paris on 9th October, to discover what the latest news in each of these tech areas means for the future of your business.


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