Members of the FTTH Council Europe are active in every segment of the fibre to the home (FTTH) value chain. The Deployment and Operations (D&O) Committee is the place where technology experts come together to discuss, debate and educate the broader telecom ecosystem and help industry stakeholders understand how to deploy high quality full-fibre networks, addressing the large variety of challenges they face throughout Europe.

From design and planning, to optimal technology selection, roll out of operations, testing and maintenance, our key publication, the FTTH Handbook, brings together state-of-the-art information and recommendations to help every FTTH professional in the industry. Its 9th edition was unveiled on 15th September 2021 during the FTTH Virtual Conference 2021; it is already available for members of the FTTH Council Europe on a complementary basis and can be purchased by the general public here.

5G is fibre’s best friend! The D&O Committee has undertaken two valuable pieces of research to evaluate the potential benefits that are brought about through converged planning of FTTH and 5G backhaul networks.  We presented the results of these studies in a recent webinar, you can access the replay here.

More recently, the Committee has produced a white paper which details the reasons underpinning our position in favour of full-fibre compared to alternative broadband technologies. 

FTTH Handbook

During the FTTH Conference 2023, the FTTH Council Europe issued an updated version of its renowned FTTH Handbook, prepared by the Deployment and Operations Committee.

The FTTH Handbook is a resource for the fibre community. The FTTH Handbook covers every aspect of the network, from central office to subscriber equipment; from passive to active equipment choices, and encompasses all stages: planning, designing, building, and operations.

The 9th edition, launched in 2021, included a brand new section examining the scope and role of digital tools at all steps of FTTx network development. The current version includes a number of detailed revisions and updates focusing on topics such as aerial rollouts. Several companion publications, looking into topics such as combined fibre and 5G network synergies and In-Home Broadband experience, are now also available.   

It also acts as a forum for sharing experiences and approaches, supporting those who aim to drive pure fibre networks across Europe.