FTTH Councils Global Alliance

All FTTH Councils share a common goal: the acceleration of fibre-to-the-home adoption. Keep reading to learn more about how the different Councils across the globe work together to make this happen.


The FTTH Council Global Alliance (FCGA) is the platform for cooperation of the six regional FTTH Councils active in North America, Latin America, Middle East and north Africa, Africa, Europe and Asia-Pacific. All FTTH Councils share a common goal: the acceleration of fiber to the home adoption. They all act as powerful and independent organisations in their respective geographies. This regional focus gives the FTTH Councils a special strength to adapt their activities to the particular market situation in their area.

The FTTH Council Global Alliance ensures that those regional efforts are combined with the power of global cooperation. Within the FCGA,  the FTTH Councils exchange studies, information and latest market developments.


Digital Council Africa

Established in 2010 under the banner of the FTTx Council Africa, the Digital Council Africa is an independent, not for profit organisation that seeks dialogue with all stakeholders to discuss how to maximise the societal benefits of digital and data-driven technologies to increase equality and inclusivity, wellbeing and digital adoption.

Fibre Broadband Association

Established in 2001, and the only all-fiber trade association in the Americas, the Fiber Broadband Association provides advocacy, education and resources to companies, organizations and communities who want to deploy the best networks through fiber to the home.

Fibre Broadband Associacion LATAM

The LATAM Chapter is the representation of the Fiber Broadband Association in the Latin America region. The Latin America Chapter is comprised of a diverse group of telecom service providers, high-tech manufacturers and other enterprises from across Latin America.

Fiber Network Council APAC

The Fiber Network Council APAC is a non-profit organization established in 2005. The organization is building on the success of its sister organizations in the US and Europe to educate the industry and the general public on the opportunities and benefits of FTTH solutions. 

FibreConnect Council MENA

The FTTH Council Middle East and North Africa is an industry organization with a mission to accelerate FTTH adoption by all broadband stakeholders through information and promotion, in order to accelerate the availability of fiber-based, ultra-high-speed access networks to consumers and businesses.

FTTH Council Europe

Created in 2004 by five founding members: Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Corning, Emtelle and OFS, the FTTH Council Europe now has more than 160 members and a contracted team working to promote the benefits of fibre access across the continent.

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