Women in Fibre


We recognise the desire to drive change and address the important matter of gender balance in the fibre industry. We believe that a diverse workplace, that fosters a level playing field for all, contributes positively to the success of a company.

We feel we have a role to play in attracting, developing and retaining the best female talent from within the fibre industry by educating and challenging perceptions, leveraging progressive leaders, and sharing best practices.

Our commitment is to provide a network for women of all roles and levels within our industry to access networking and development opportunities, whilst celebrating successes at an individual and corporate level.​

The program of this initiative includes multiple actions:

  • Qualify the landscape of women in fibre in Europe and seek to demonstrate the link between women in leadership roles and business success​
  • Challenge pre-conceived images to encourage a shift in mindset about women in fibre:​
  • Foster new and unique opportunities for networking to enable women to build connections and relationships with their peers, male and female​
  • Deliver learning and development opportunities for women to upskill, priming them for success and advancement:
  • Have fun doing this! Celebrate this great industry that we are part of and the differences which make us as individuals unique and as a community stronger

In order to lay the foundation to deliver on this commitment, the Women in Fibre Working Group launched a survey to help establish a baseline view of gender diversity within the industry and support the work of the group in identifying industry best practices and opportunities to improve. Click here to access the survey. We welcome responses from everyone who works in our industry – regardless of your gender, role, or level of seniority.